CoRoster WFM – now planning for depots, work sites, vehicles and more

CoRoster introduces its next generation AI planning for large workforces with CoRoster WorkForce Manager (WFM). Built for field service teams who may not have a regular site or time to attend each month; CoRoster can automate planning including assigning correct equipment and available staff, plan travel time and account for rest breaks, shift turnover and more.

It starts with your plan

CoRoster starts with importing the sites you need to visit. We match this against location and travel times to find the nearest depot. We can even join site visits together and plan service runs if there’s sufficient work time to return to the depot. All of which is configurable of course. Route planning is new to CoRoster but we use the same design principles in building routes and creating shifts to fill as we do with matching people to your roster so your selection options can be as varied as you like.

Plan for anything

Need a particular type vehicle at a site? We can do that. Need to select operators who have skills matching the vehicle? No problem. Want to fill your longer shifts first? We already do that and more.

Once your shifts are planned, CoRoster WFM builds on this functionality and includes advanced staffing features such as:

  • Standing times during the week staff members can’t work
  • Integration with your HRMS to record annual leave before running a roster
  • Maximum work hours across your teams and by individual staff member
  • Allocating full time or any other cohorts of staff first.
  • Allocating staff with certain skills to a site

Plus all the regular CoRoster features

CoRoster already uses advanced AI planning to ensure staff rotations, fair allocation of favourable shifts , staff preferences and more are accounted for. Because this process is automated, you can forget issues with roster bias. 

Customise reporting the way that suits you.

CoRoster can tailor reporting on rosters however you want to use it. We can create Excel or PDF reports, connect to our API’s to push data to your other systems or display it all on screen.


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About the Author

John Webster

John is the founder and CEO of CoRoster. He has a Masters of Management in Information Technology and is fascinated about motivational theory, staff engagement and the interface between people and technology. John founded CoRoster to look for ways to improve people's work/life balance.

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