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Manage multiple shift times in the one roster

Jul 05 John Webster scheduling, Features

Multiple Shift TimesNot all duties are created equal! Some tasks require different start and finish times. Some have multiple shifts per day. Some require overlapping shifts.

This is extremely complex to build manually but Shiftiez is designed to solve capacity planning problems like this out of the box.

We've introduced shifts based on the duty with our most recent update, allowing you to assign teams however you like. This also addresses one of the biggest challenges with management reporting, getting all your different duties on the one page. 

In the example here, we have a single shift duty that runs 9-5 and a 6 shift duty that has combinations of 8 and 12 hour shifts over 24 hours on the same roster.

Staff can be available for any of these shifts depending on the way you transition between duties and the same fatigue rules will automatically apply before they are rostered on again. 

Regardless of how you regularly schedule, having a single shift position is useful for allocating staff to training or secondment to keep them visible but away from being rostered for regular duties. 

Save time, get your reporting aligned and capacity planning under control with a single click. Contact Us to learn more about how to humanise rostering at your business.

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John Webster

Written by John Webster

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