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Managing who can see what

Feb 25 John Webster teamwork, Workforce Planning, Features

Feedback from our users told us that locking the view of our full roster away from everyone but the Administrator was causing headaches. So we fixed it . . .

We make customer feedback front and centre at Shiftiez. When we first developed Shiftiez, early feedback was that the full roster should be hidden from staff. 

As time went on and more users with very different environments (and requirements) joined us, the roster view became a real sticking point. Some wanted all their staff to see the full roster, others wanted just a couple of key staff to have that ability. So we added in a new feature that lets administrators grant selected staff full view of the roster without letting them make any changes to settings.

 The video below shows how this works.

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John Webster

Written by John Webster

John is the Founder and CEO of CoRoster. With a background in running IT teams, he founded CoRoster to look for ways to improve people's work/life balance through technology.