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Shiftiez in the Semi-Finals of Riverpitch

Mar 13 John Webster News, Pitching, Workforce Planning

Shiftiez successfully reached the Victorian semi-finals in last night's episode of RiverPitch, a collaboration between the Australian Computer Society and Your Money on Channel 9 and Sky News.

IMG20190301204824The Victorian teams were able to pitch in the first round to mentor Sheona Devin who helped hone their final 90 second pitches delivered to a live audience. After 3 rounds in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, the field is now down to 12 from the original 24 Australian businesses selected. The format now moves to pitching in front of an industry panel on live TV.

RiverPitch presents an opportunity to showcase Shiftiez as the solution for helping employers navigate the complex environment of scheduling EBA's and managing compliance, while giving staff a say in their work/life balance. The quality of companies pitching at this competition is incredibly high and there are some passionate founders with great products in the mix.

We're thrilled to compete amongst these innovative Australian businesses and share some of what goes into the story of our business and our journey as founders and startups. Episodes continue to screen on Your Money (free to air channel 95 – Foxtel channel 601) on Tuesday's at 7:30pm with the Victorian semi final scheduled on April the 2nd. You can watch our pitch (and the rest of the episode) by clicking here

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Written by John Webster

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