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Shiftiez is changing to CoRoster

May 23 John Webster News, HR Software

We are changing our name to emphasise how we use cooperation with employers and staff to create rosters everyone can agree on. 

Over the last 6 months we have been working hard to improve how our roster solution interacts with the people that use it. As we've done this, it became evident that our purpose of building cooperation with staff and employers, strikes a chord with both those who know us and those who hear our approach for the first time. 

We are proud of what we are achieving and wanted a name that was both descriptive and clearly stated our point of difference at the same time.

Logo Family-13-1

Our logo spells co-op no matter which way you read it (across or down) and also represents two people working side by side. Our name of course, is a portmanteau of cooperation and roster which sums up what we do today.

We are revamping our training page and website with our new details. Some items will still retain our old branding whilst we complete the update. From now however you can contact us on and our new website

We have some knockout features to demonstrate in the next few months and some interesting projects we are working on that we can't wait to talk about. We look forward to showing these to you under our new name, CoRoster.


John Webster

Written by John Webster

John is the Founder and CEO of CoRoster. With a background in running IT teams, he founded CoRoster to look for ways to improve people's work/life balance through technology.