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Supporting social distancing and the new way of working

May 16 John Webster Flexible Working, Workforce Planning, work life balance

As businesses begin to plan for a return to work, we look at how CoRoster can automate your planning and keep workforces healthy and happy.

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Work from home

Perhaps the easiest way to keep people seperate from each other is to allow staff to work from home. COVID-19 has made this a common option for companies but organisations like GitLab have been doing this for years with their entire 1200 strong workforce working remotely. But even if the type of work your business does supports working from home, its not an all or nothing option.

Pretty young student studying at home sitting at her dining table with a large binder of notes checking something on the screen of her laptop computerCoRoster can help by letting staff set work-from-home preferences and start times, automating the roster process and giving you one less thing to worry about.

Staff who always work from home miss out on the "connectedness" of the shared experience. Water cooler conversations, catching up with someone for a quick chat or even overhearing what others are working on can often help provide cohesion with the work that we do.

Couple that with the ways different personalities thrive on personal connections or prefer to work on their own can make this a complicated balancing act.

We believe that even if working from home is new to your business, it's going to be far more common in the workforces going forward. With many organisations quickly coming to grips with how this works for them, CoRoster can work with you to build an adaptive planning solution for your needs.

Staggered start times


Maintaining social distance at work isn't the only thing employers need to think about. Avoiding peak times on public transport is a key way to protect staff from exposure.

CoRoster can automate this process in a number of ways and record and alert staff as to when they will be working to remove the hassle of planning and the confusion of staggered shifts.

We have experience in managing staggered starts for a number of industries and can help you plan options or help you customise something that works for you and your teams.

The New Normal

One thing is certain, they way we managed rosters in 2019 is not what we will need to do going forward. CoRoster can completely automate the planning and record keeping process for you making it simple to plan start times and locations no matter how your business works.

Speak with us on options or arrange a demonstration and let us help keep your staff safe and happy.

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John Webster

Written by John Webster

John is the Founder and CEO of CoRoster. With a background in running IT teams, he founded CoRoster to look for ways to improve people's work/life balance through technology.