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Supporting social distancing and the new way of working

As businesses begin to plan for a return to work, we look at how CoRoster can automate your planning and keep workforces healthy and happy.

Poor work life balance is a growing problem

I've been researching burnout amongst clinical staff and the results are scary. Burnout continues to grow in healthcare at an alarming rate, linked to poor work life balance.

People have been working since the 60's to develop ways to automate the rostering of clinical staff. But scheduling people with an algorithm isn't working.  Burnout from poor work life balance and pressure in the 'office' is impacting clinicians like never before and the problem is growing. We are studying the causes and finding new ways to address them through our software. Here's some of our findings.

Manage shorter or longer shifts

Not every shift is the same

Sometimes you need to make a change to the length of a shift for a single person or a group of staff. We've made it easy to do this based on feedback from our users, instantly updating fatigue and other selection criteria as well as all your reports.

Retaining diversity is a whole other ballgame

We all know there's value in creating a diverse workforce, yet our political leaders seem to struggle with the basic concept of equality (on so may levels), setting a poor example to the rest of the country. So I read with interest an article in Forbes last month that discussed the importance of changing your workplace to retain a diverse workforce.

The article highlighted something that often gets lost in the conversation. Seeking diversity is the easy part - keeping a diverse group enthused requires real commitment.

HR as the "staff wellbeing" service provider

Personalising an employees experience is being seen as an increasingly important way for companies to manage staff health and engagement.  Changing staff demographics mean  a single staff service offering won't fit the needs of a large diverse workforce.

Where is this heading, and how can you manage the costs of offering service diversity?