CoRoster Insider

Manage shorter or longer shifts

Not every shift is the same

Sometimes you need to make a change to the length of a shift for a single person or a group of staff. We've made it easy to do this based on feedback from our users, instantly updating fatigue and other selection criteria as well as all your reports.

Shiftiez is changing to CoRoster

We are changing our name to emphasise how we use cooperation with employers and staff to create rosters everyone can agree on. 

MultiWeek View - control more in one go

We've just released a new way of working with Shiftiez after feedback from customers. It made such a boost to productivity we changed all our other tools to work with it!

Shiftiez selected as part of RiverPitch

Shiftiez has been selected as one of 24 companies under the spotlight in RiverPitch, a collaboration between the Australian Computer Society and Your Money on Channel 9 and Sky News.

HR as the "staff wellbeing" service provider

Personalising an employees experience is being seen as an increasingly important way for companies to manage staff health and engagement.  Changing staff demographics mean  a single staff service offering won't fit the needs of a large diverse workforce.

Where is this heading, and how can you manage the costs of offering service diversity?

The Gap Between HR and Operations

Human Resources at large organisations strain under the lack of accurate information when it comes to short-term planning and the results can be catastrophic for the business and its employees. Ryan Air's COO stood down amidst ongoing controversy with the airline's struggle to manage rosters, leading to the cancellation of flights for over 700,000 travellers. In December last year, a 150 driver shortage at Queensland Rail saw people stranded all over the rail network on Christmas day, ultimately costing the minister in charge his portfolio. Why does this happen, and what's the solution?