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TV and Smart 100 Appearances

Shiftiez was in the media during August, placing in the Anthill Smart 100 for 2018 and pitching on That Startup Show discussing workforce scheduling and how to improve the health and happiness of shift workers.

Build Trust Not Procedures

I’ve had a few jobs in my lifetime. Being a Gen X I’ve (perhaps typically) never sought the 30-year service award. Despite my generation’s penchant for job hopping, there have been a couple of roles where trust has played an important factor in my wanting to stay or not. Delving deeper into the topic of trust in business, it’s become apparent to me that teams that trust each other have a significant tactical advantage over their competitors.

Does kicking people build enthusiasm?

In any business, creating and maintaining a competitive edge is the surefire way to success. Some things like product uniqueness or economy of scale, are tough to compete against. But almost any advantage can be overcome through building a positive culture.

The gotcha is that there is no one way to build that culture, you need to think of motivation as a series of levers than can be dialed up and down at will. The better understanding you have of what is working will help you balance your team needs and motivate them to greatness.


Let's not have a meeting about that

Years ago, I was in a meeting that was made up of all the administrative people in the business. HR, Finance, IT, Reception etc. Between us, we kept things ticking over for the teams that provided professional services. It was a sizable group, around 15 people, and the first topic was updating the staff administrative handbook. We started with, what the color of the front cover should be . . . .