CoRoster Insider

Use your roster as a template with "Copy Week" feature

A new feature in Shiftiez lets you copy the roster pattern from the previous week with one click.  Building your roster now takes just seconds to prepare.

Manage multiple shift times in the one roster

Not all duties are created equal! Some tasks require different start and finish times. Some have multiple shifts per day. Some require overlapping shifts.

The nurse problem (and what that has to do with scheduling employees)

Now I don’t want to get myself into trouble with anyone (especially because my wife is a nurse) but it has to be said, there’s a nurse problem. In fact there’s a problem with lots of jobs that work rotating shifts, not just nurses. Facilities management, logistics  emergency and healthcare services all need to manage 24 hour rosters.

Changes to trading hours have also made this an issue in the retail and hospitality space where there is an expectation provide service for longer hours. Lots of businesses simply can’t cover the hours with one person and managing this is a pain and a distraction from the actual business.

As anyone who regularly builds schedules will tell you, there is a science and an art to creating a good roster. We'll discuss why you need both and how Shiftiez can help set you up for hassle free rostering that saves time and works for staff too.