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Poor work life balance is a growing problem

I've been researching burnout amongst clinical staff and the results are scary. Burnout continues to grow in healthcare at an alarming rate, linked to poor work life balance.

People have been working since the 60's to develop ways to automate the rostering of clinical staff. But scheduling people with an algorithm isn't working.  Burnout from poor work life balance and pressure in the 'office' is impacting clinicians like never before and the problem is growing. We are studying the causes and finding new ways to address them through our software. Here's some of our findings.

The Gap Between HR and Operations

Human Resources at large organisations strain under the lack of accurate information when it comes to short-term planning and the results can be catastrophic for the business and its employees. Ryan Air's COO stood down amidst ongoing controversy with the airline's struggle to manage rosters, leading to the cancellation of flights for over 700,000 travellers. In December last year, a 150 driver shortage at Queensland Rail saw people stranded all over the rail network on Christmas day, ultimately costing the minister in charge his portfolio. Why does this happen, and what's the solution?

Improving staff wellbeing increases your bottom line

Savvy companies know that taking care of their staff improves their bottom line in so many ways. Let's look at some of the ways you can boost your business case for building wellbeing programmes in your company.