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TV and Smart 100 Appearances

Sep 04 John Webster News, Motivation, Stress, Workforce Planning

Shiftiez was in the media during August, placing in the Anthill Smart 100 for 2018 and pitching on That Startup Show discussing workforce scheduling and how to improve the health and happiness of shift workers.

Appearing on Episode 6: Turnout & Burnout, our CEO John Webster spoke about the cost to the health of shift workers just trying to balance their job with their home life.

Shiftiez humanises rosters by taking the employer and employee view of what a good shift should look like and builds a schedule everyone can agree on. That's the difference between what we do and other workforce schedulers.

As John points out in his pitch, "Competitors create all sorts of ways to schedule people - without actually asking the people". With Shiftiez, staff use connected devices to nominate preferences for upcoming shifts and Shiftiez automates all the compliance and fatigue rules that employers need to manage.

In one click we build and communicate the roster to everyone, removing the need for phone calls and creating a better work/life balance.

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We had a great time on the show and want to thank the whole That Startup Show team for their hospitality.If you would like to view John's pitch it's available here



 We were also chuffed with out 23rd placing on the Anthill SMART 100 for 2018. We showed that there is a need for workforce scheduling that thinks about people when building rosters. With over 700 nominations and 100 innovations profiled and ranked each year, the SMART 100 Index is the largest awards program dedicated to innovation in Australia.


John Webster

Written by John Webster

John is the Founder and CEO of CoRoster. With a background in running IT teams, he founded CoRoster to look for ways to improve people's work/life balance through technology.