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Use your roster as a template with "Copy Week" feature

Jul 17 John Webster scheduling, Features

A new feature in Shiftiez lets you copy the roster pattern from the previous week with one click.  Building your roster now takes just seconds to prepare.

Shiftiez now has a copy week function that takes the current week's pattern and copies it to the next week, ready for Auto Assignment. This was one of our most popular requests from customers and it makes everyone's job extremely easy when building the next week's schedule.

example of the Copy Week function

In the video above, an empty week's schedule is duplicated by visiting the previous week and hitting copy. All shifts are copied across, at which point any minor changes can be made manually before automatically assigning them to your staff.  

Of course this makes a building your next roster even faster than our 90 second roster demonstration. Once you have a pattern set, making adjustments is incredibly simple and your complex rostering could take just minutes a week to manage.

Automate your roster build and identify capacity problems while giving staff a voice to co-plan your roster. Contact Us to learn more about how to humanise rostering at your business.

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Written by John Webster

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