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I manage all my scheduling in spreadsheets, will CoRoster manage that?

We have plenty of companies that migrate from spreadsheets and find they get a huge amount of time back using CoRoster

Our service handles very complex rostering requirements with ease, giving you time back to work on other things. Better still we micromange all your staff requests and preference changes.

I need to manage multiple locations, can I swap staff around?

CoRoster allows staff to reside on one or more roster but sharing availability information across all of them. This could be for different locations, or you may need to have teams built for special occasions (like monthly events, or a one-off shift).

BecauseCoRoster is charged per user, there's no additional cost for this feature.

What's this "Humanising Rosters" stuff?

CoRoster was designed to provide equitable rosters for staff while saving huge amounts of time building and communicating rosters. 

At the centre of everything we do is co-planning of work schedules, giving staff a say in the hours they want to work.

Co-planning reduces paperwork for everyone, makes rosters fairer, and makes for happier and more engaged staff. 

What's not to love about that!

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