ProgressiveAs businesses look towards new ways of working including working from home, staggered shifts and more part time roles, the effort involved in building and recording becomes ever more complicated. That's where we come in.

One of the most powerful functions of CoRoster is the ability for staff to nominate their work preferences, even down to individual shifts.

Staff can set progressive preferences for each shift through a simple toggle box. Boxes can represent shifts, start times, locations or what ever you want.

It's easy to manage a whole week's preferences with a couple of clicks, and staff can do this from their phones, a tablet or a web page on almost any device

Employee Options

Staff can nominate days that they:

  • prefer to work from home
  • prefer not to be scheduled
  • are available for extra shifts
  • want to start at a different time

How these options are used in your business is up to you, allowing huge flexibility. Employers can always set minimum thresholds (eg number of people with a particular skill that are working) so you are never caught short.

Typically, if staff say they prefer not to work or want to work from home, CoRoster will accomodate requests where it can but will allocate that employee when no other suitable staff member can be found for the shift.

Giving your staff the chance to have more control over their own time also helps you build a quality roster that everyone will stick to. It's a win-win for everyone!

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