For Staff

Life doesn't stop. . . 

 . . just because you are working. Sometimes you need to your employer to be flexible around your commitments, sometimes you can help by taking on extra work. By cooperating with your company you can create a winning environment for everyone.

The thing is, most roster planning applications are designed from the employers perspective only. They either randomly give you shifts or they calculate the cheapest combination of staff. If that seems a little one sided - it is. Studies prove that lack of work life balance can lead to workplace stress and burnout. 

CoRoster is different. Staff co-plan shifts with their employer, meaning you set preferences for times you are available and your employer enters in all the rules they need to schedule staff (how many people, what skills etc.). We then automate the roster looking at minimum rest times and even a fairness test to build the final roster. Click on the video below to learn more about how we approach rostering for employees.