How CoRoster Works

Add your shifts

Adding shifts to a plan is as simple as clicking in the space that matches the Day and the duty. If you need more staff to work that shift just click again.

Duties hold information like skills and work hours so we always match the right staff with enough rest to start work.

Set preferences

Employers can manage preferences or you can save time and let your staff do this directly.

Preferences can give priority to staff at certain times providing business and fairness rules are not overridden.

Giving staff a say reduces the chance of noshows and improves staff work/life balance. Its a better outcome for everyone

Run the roster

Once you have your shifts and preferences in, CoRoster takes care of the rest. Including:

  • Rest times
  • Leave
  • Maximum hours allowed in a roster
  • Overtime
  • Transitions between shift times
  • Skill mixes
  • Shift rotations

In fact, anything you can think of CoRoster can plan it for you.