Operations Centres

The perfect Operations Centre schedule balances skills, work demand and gives the team a fair rotation

The challenge

Operations centers rely heavily on rostered staff. These can be high stress roles and there is significant turnover due to non-standard hours.

Balancing a team roster is a tricky business, smaller teams have to maintain service levels at all times, manage leave, balance skills and find a way that everyone agrees on as you transition between early and late shifts. It often falls to the Ops Manager to spend hours or even days a month getting the roster right only to have a change at the last minute because of leave or other changes.

Accounting for worked hours is tricky, you have to balance between regular and over-time allocations, day shifts and nights, week days and weekends, and the team compare shifts all the time making sure no-one is treated unfairly. Finance and HR want reports showing who’s worked what hours so they can calculate payroll and ensure workplace health and safety is being monitored.

A lot of our clients have resorted to spreadsheets to manage Ops team rosters when we first meet them because that’s the only way their non standard roster can be managed and still tally up the working hours. CoRoster is built with the needs of ops teams in mind. In fact, each team can customize how rosters are made, ensuring an accurate roster

The solution

CoRoster works with employers to understand what they want to achieve with their roster. We then break these requirements down into simple rules.

We discuss things like rest breaks, skills, experience, full time vs casual staff requirements and how you would like to manage preferences for transitioning over weekends and nights. Importantly we also discuss what’s not working and what the ultimate roster would look like for you.

We come back to you with a proposal for your new automated roster, and suggested rules written out in steps for your approval.

Building the next roster becomes a job that takes minutes not hours. Incorporating leave, staff preferences and ensuring all your shifts are covered with a single click.

Make it simple

CoRoster is simple to use and works in a web browser meaning you can view a roster or make changes in real time from a phone, tablet or computer anywhere. Making a new roster takes minutes a month to prepare not days.

We work with you to understand your rostering goals and produce a tailored solution that meets your EBA’s, rest requirements, skill mixes and any other condition you can think of. We haven’t met a roster that’s beaten us yet!

Make it flexible

CoRoster thinks like a human does, solving a roster with multiple options only much faster. Our approach is unique in the market – using a combination of flexible rules that seek the best solution, innovative ways to include employee preferences and overlaying a fairness test. Building rosters with human-like subtlety but thousands of times faster than a person can.

Importantly staff play a part in building your roster by updating their availability through the application, so that you are only ever scheduling who’s available to work. No more going back and forth and having to rebuild your roster!

Make it fair

CoRoster allows employers to demonstrate an open, fair and inclusive roster.

CoRoster contains a tuneable fairness test to ensure that staff preferences don’t unbalance shift allocation. Additionally, fairness tests can make sure that staff are allocated on a rota for less popular shifts and can make sure that everyone has full weekends off.

Remove claims of bias and give everyone comfort that shifts are fairly allocated. As rosters already have the buy-in of staff, they are less likely to suffer from last minute changes and shift swaps, building a more precise schedule from the start.

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