What is Shiftiez and how does it work?

    Watch below to learn more about what Shiftiez does, how to approach your first rosters and how to find help

    Auto Assign and Bulk Update

    We cover the main 2 features you need to know when automating rosters. We go through the process of setting up a months worth of rosters.

    Control what your staff see

    Feedback from customers was that they wanted some or all of their staff to see the whole roster so we built it in for them!


    Introduction to Shiftiez

    A quick introduction to the screens in Shiftiez, showing you how to navigate, find setup options and more.

    Introducing Staff Preferences

    Staff preferences are a powerful way for you to tune your schedules by letting staff have a say in the shifts they can work

    Multi Week View

    We've changed the way Shiftiez manages on-screen rosters by introducing Multi week view that lets you monitor and modify several weeks of roster at once.